Saturday, July 16, 2016

A week in review

We went to our first lacrosse game of the week last Saturday evening. Miracle #3, Grandson and Sweetheart joined Hubby and I, and we all had a great time together. 

Yes, I really was wearing polar fleece and a scarf!  It was cold out, for a July evening!  And if you really want to know, it was my Nagano 1998 Olympic hoodie.  A little out of style, but it served the purpose well.

We all enjoyed the tailgate party after the game. All the Canadian players came and signed autographs for Grandson!

Ryland is Hubby's cousin's son.  And yes, that is distantly related, but you would really never know that. He treats us all with love and respect, and has turned into such a fine young man!

Hubby, Grandson and I headed back into Coquitlam on Thursday evening for the semi-final game with the Iroquois National team.  It was a come from behind finish and Team Canada won 14-11.

And today, we managed to get even more fans out for the Gold Medal game which we were leading for most of the game.  Unfortunately, Team USA came from behind, and scored the winning goal in the last 8 seconds. Talk about a heartbreaker!

It's really too bad that Silver means that we lost, but those young men should hold their heads up high.  A disappointing finish for sure, but it sure has been a fabulous week of field lacrosse. Along with his silver medal, Ryland was named as best defender and to the All-World team. Now Grandson says he really wants to play lacrosse too!

Grandson brought a friend to the game.  They both had so much fun!

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