Friday, July 22, 2016

Climbing and Rolling

Lazy, carefree days of Summer. This is my favourite part......just heading to the playground with friends!  Miracle #3 picked up coffee and muffins and everyone had a wonderful morning. I know that my blogposts always have more pictures of the younger children, but that is because the older ones have fewer boundaries and more freedom. This particular playground is in Pitt Meadows and is always shady and cool on hotter days. It was a perfect place to spend yesterday morning. 

These two year olds love to climb. Especially the two girls. Isaac is so much more cautious. 

Sweet Pea is very confident when she climbs. And she LOVES the slide!

This is our "Look at me!  I have no fear" girl.  She is very confident and way too self-assured for her own good. 

This hill is so much fun!  Even Baby Preston was up and down.....not that he was good at it but was more than happy to try and keep up with his friends. 

It kept them all busy and happy for quite some time!  I love all these rollers and climbers. We will be back!

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