Monday, July 25, 2016

Double Sleepover

After arriving home just after midnight on Saturday night, these two slept really well (Grandson got up at 9 and Sweetheart didn't awaken until almost 10). I went to church while these two relaxed and had breakfast with Hubby, and while I was out they both told Grandpa that they wanted a double sleepover. So here they are again.  Hubby thought it was funny because they sleep like him and I.  She has the whole bed and he is squished up on the edge. He's right, but then he usually is. Lol.

They slept in two different beds on Saturday night but Sweetheart insisted on sleeping in the big bed with her brother last night, and I just think they are so incredibly precious. Oh, I just love them to the moon and back again. Thank-you #3 and SIL for sharing them for another day.  

We took them grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and then we watched an episode of America's Got Talent, before going to their house for dinner. Baby is getting used to being an only child this past week but she was so excited when we came through her door.  She always greets us with the biggest hugs!  

Our oldest three blessings really like the AGT shows, and we had so many on our PVR because we just haven't had time to watch any tv this past couple of weeks. I guess that's a good thing, but it was nice to delete a couple and free up some memory. I haven't even watched last week's Bachelorette because I was too tired, and it is already Monday and the next episode is airing tonight. It's my one guilty pleasure. Such a stupid show, but it entertains me. 

Anyway, two little boys have arrived on my doorstep and are very excited that their cousins are here to play with.  They are both still sleeping, but they should be awake soon. Happy Monday Everyone!

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