Saturday, July 9, 2016


There is an Under-19 Men's Lacrosse World Championship tournament going on in Coquitlam right now. Hubby's cousin's son is on the team, and we were going to go and watch him on Thursday but it was just so rainy and cold. Well, the rain has stopped and Canada is playing England tonight so we are headed to his game later.  First, we are headed out to try out a new restaurant in town and then we are going to a lacrosse game. I even got my hair done today so it sounds like a fun date night! 

As it turns out, USA beat Canada 12-5 on Thursday evening so maybe we can bring in some winning luck. Hubby's cousins are here from Arizona too, so it should be a good time!  Even for me. I just find lacrosse so violent, so just let it be known that I am going to support my cousins, even if I really don't like lacrosse.  Did you know that lacrosse is Canada's national sport? Not hockey like everyone thinks. Just some trivia.....

Ryland is team captain.  Go Canada go!!

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