Friday, July 8, 2016

Only a week late!

Canada Day was already a week ago!  It's the first Canada Day in about twenty years that we didn't join our Dutch friends for a barbecue.  It's because they moved to Nanaimo a few months ago, and it is the end of an era. We actually didn't celebrate. Or even leave the house all day. Pathetic, right?  

Hubby did put our Canadian flag out front and quite a few neighbours did the same thing. But, to be honest, I never even went outside.  I could see it from the front window. We did watch the Toronto Blue Jays went to 19 innings and the Cleveland Indians did beat them 2-1. It was a six hour game and I never sat and watched continually, but we did watch pieces and parts throughout the afternoon. Hubby found a series on Bravo called The Garage Sale Mysteries and we watched a couple of those and taped a few more for this past week. They were filmed in Fort Langley/Coquitlam and starred Lori Loughlin from Full House.  I thoroughly enjoyed them. We just watched another filmed in Vancouver/Langley movie called Sugar Babies and it was entertaining. I really like finding places that I have been before on TV.  

So it was an incredibly lazy, relaxing Canada Day, but not very productive. I did talk to my aunt in Calgary for over an hour in the morning. I did some laundry. I cooked dinner. But that's about it.  

These two blessings and their parents went into town to join in some festivities at Memorial Peace Park. I hear that a good time was had by all!  

I took these guys out on Thursday and we frequented the Dollar Store. They were pretty cute in their headbands and their glasses. 

Jade is almost seven. Growing up and getting more and more beautiful by the day.  She traded day cares with her brother on Thursday and he went to #3's house while she came here. I can tell you already that I got the better deal.....she is so much easier to take care of than Tai.

Mason turned six yesterday. He is also growing up way too fast!

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