Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The magician

The library advertised that the magician was from 11-11:45 at the bandstand. It was overcast, but they moved it indoors anyway. And even though I figured we were going to be late because I went to the wrong place, we were still the first ones to arrive. With 20 minutes to spare.  Look at all my blonde blue-eyed beauties. One of these is not like the others. And when Preston arrived, Isaac was still the only one with brown hair and brown eyes. 

The Great Gordini was really loud. And really funny. And if Preston was willing to get off of my knee, then I could have taken better pictures. 

My children loved his humour. They laughed and laughed. I am at the point where most of the magicians I see are very similar. But it really isn't all about me, is it?!

His little helper is holding a GIANT magic wand. It was something I had actually never seen before. Lucas, Isaac and Mila really really enjoyed it. Preston and Fara weren't so sure, and Sweet Pea got bored really fast. 

It was a fun outing. I'm happy we went, and the children had a great time. 

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