Friday, July 29, 2016


Look who came to visit on Tuesday!  He has grown up sooooooo much in a little less than two months. He is bigger and sturdier. And he talks. Sentences. Oh my gosh, he is just so darn adorable. Don't you just love his glasses? I knew that he had to go back to the ophthalmologist in June, but this is the result of him always going cross-eyed.  He suffers from something genetic that his Daddy also has, but glasses help and/or fix the problem. He's already 19 months and by being a big brother, he isn't a baby any more. At all. Really bittersweet, and it was sure nice to see him again!

Technically, this is his replacement. And he had a splendid first month of Daycare! He's going to do the same thing as Nolan though as his Mommy is pregnant, and due in November. He's getting a baby sister when he is 16 months old and will leave me as well. Although I have had tons of calls to replace him, so I am going to have to make some decisions about my after-schoolers. Baby Finn is taking Preston's spot, but I have 7 spots and only 6 seat belts. Mason's parents really want him to come back but I don't have a seat belt for him........and I don't really know that I like working until 5 every day. And it's more like 5:15 depending on traffic. It's tough being in my line of work, because I get so darn attached. Numbers and ages are a huge factor in my work life. I used to say that I am working smarter, not harder, but I have sort of reversed that in the last couple of years. Lots of new babies. Lots of changes. I am headed into a week of holidays at the end of today and when I get back, I will have to make some major decisions. I just don't know yet what I will do. Part of me wishes that I could be a better businesswoman but I always think with my heart before my brain. Some things never change. 

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