Monday, July 18, 2016

What a fabulous weekend!

Well, we've all come down from the euphoria of the past week.  It was so much fun, with so many exciting moments!

Here are Ryland's proud grandparents and parents. Hubby's uncle and aunt were at every one of Ryland's games. Plus more. That's one thing that I admire so much about them as they have always been the most supportive parents and grandparents!  Especially when it comes to sporting events. At almost 83 and 79, they do very well in their golden years. 

This was taken right after he scored a goal. Just a little bit excited, don't you think?

And another. He is an amazing lacrosse player. And so fun to watch!

It was pouring rain on Thursday evening when we left for the game. But not in Coquitlam.  Sunny and dry. I guess it had rained a bit earlier in the day, but the weather was really good for playing lacrosse. Saturday was the warmest day of all, and it was still not too hot. 

And now Summer Kids Club starts today! I am very excited and a little apprehensive. I am with Grade 3 and 4's this week, and I can honestly say it is not my favourite age-group. Mostly because I worry if I will be able to keep up.  Both physically and emotionally. I really do know it is going to be fine but extra prayers are very appreciated, please? There are 360 children registered with over a hundred volunteers coming to help and we are all looking forward to a very awesome week!

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