Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rainy Wednesday

Hubby has taken a week of his holidays this week. He has a list of things he wants to get done, and I don't really feel like I have seen him very much, even though we are both here most of the day. He fixed our dryer yesterday, and I can honestly say that is what I am the most thankful for. It broke on the 8th of August and I really didn't think that I missed it that much until I was able to use it again. It's been really quite warm so I have been using the back sundeck to dry our clothes. And I really don't do very much laundry any more as it is just the two of us, but my old-fashioned way was getting old. Seriously. I really didn't mind running everything upstairs, but now that I'm not doing it any more, I am extremely appreciative. 

These two cuties adore him. He has a bit of a fan club......Sweet Pea is always looking for him and Preston always comes to sit with him. Even when he was so grumpy on Monday, he was more than happy to sit with Sweet Pea's Grandpa. Hubby took a few minutes out of his morning to visit and tend to some of the children. 

I love this man. More than he will ever know. I especially love watching him with the little ones. He truly is such a kid magnet. 

Preston hasn't really been into having a bottle for the past few weeks, but he was more than happy to suck it back today. Maybe it was because of who was holding it for him.  

Group shot. All the boys saw that I was taking pictures so they came to get one taken too.

Jade does this quite often during the course of her day. It's like the doorway calls her name and she has to climb it. She has amazing abs, that is for sure!

I can't believe that today is the last day of August. It's been a great month, but September is going to be here tomorrow. Sigh.....I am not so sure that I am all that ready to say good-bye yet. 

Who remembers this?

My cousin sent this to me last week. It is actually a picture that has never gone away, but it is gone from billboards, and bus and sky train shelters. The BC government bought the rights to it 15 years ago or more, and it is still on lots of cigarette packages.  It's disappeared and reappeared over the years, but I don't think it will ever go away completely. According to my cousin, it is still very effective. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More from the park

These cousins have managed to get together quite a few times this Summer. Which makes them both very very happy!

Handsome boys!

Two year olds aren't usually very cooperative.  

But today was a good day. 

And we managed to get a couple of pretty good pictures. 

Sweet Pea was totally mesmerized by a great big bumble bee. It's really hard to see in this pic, but she watched it for as long as I would let her. I think she really wanted to touch it. 

And finally, just before we were leaving, they all went to play on the equipment. Funny kids!

At the park. Again.

I only had four children to care for today as Preston stayed home because he wasn't feeling well. They have become accustomed to standing together for group shots. I have trained them well. Lol. 

Just before we got into the van, they all came to stand together. Gosh, I love these kids. To the moon and back again. 

Baby had been fever-free since yesterday morning so we were able to meet #3 and her six today. And I convinced them all to stand together before they went to play. I am always so impressed if I can get all ten looking at me. It isn't easy. 

They are all so precious. And I sure hope that they all know how loved they are. I think they do, but I sure tell them all as often as I can.  

They all played on this hill more than they actually played on the playground equipment. So much fun running up and down. And rolling down. 

They are all such good friends. I love watching and listening to them interact with one another.

Even #3 tried rolling down the hill. And here's what happened next.....Baby was extremely upset with what her Mommy was doing. It was actually quite comical. I adore the way her sister went over to try and comfort her.

They are just too cute for words. 


This little toddler has had a fever since Friday. She went to the Dr on Sunday and has been swabbed for strep, and she should have her results back today. She's fine. A little bit whiny with a low grade fever every morning, but nothing that a dose of Motrin doesn't seem to fix. Until 8 hours later when she needs it again because her fever keeps coming back. She was quite happy to sit and colour yesterday morning while everyone played in the front yard. 

You know she isn't feeling well when she sits still for longer than 5 minutes. Or she isn't trying to climb up onto something.  

She was very interested in what Jade was saying. Such concentration and admiration in her expression.

Sweetheart went to the Dr too because she was complaining about having a sore throat. She was also swabbed as her throat looked even worse than Baby's. Now she has a cough. But she really liked colouring on the paper and seeing the design that the driveway made on her paper. I hear that they did leaf rubbings after this. 

And this was last week. We need her to be healthy again!

Monday, August 29, 2016


I thought that it was going to rain this morning. Although it started out foggy and cool, the fog gave way to bright and glorious sunshine by 9:30. I say it was glorious because it wasn't really that hot. Pleasant, and perhaps just warm enough to think about sunscreen, but by 11 o'clock we went inside to have a snack. I had a lot of school-agers today, and they were all so happy to play, play, play.

Preston arrived just after we went outside and he had had a restless night so he seemed a bit grumpy. And really really serious.  He was content enough to ride around in the little car, but I could certainly tell that he wasn't his usual self.

They are being kitties. Obviously. Tai rode off on the bike to see Alicia on the other side of the cul-de-sac, but the other four children played Kitty for about half of the time that we were outdoors. They all have great imaginations. 

And the little girls just adore Preston. He had his own personal fan club today.

Aren't they funny?  My three girls argued over who would hold onto the car. They were quite pleased to find out that all of them could share the handle.

Jumping Pillows

We found new jumping pillows that we had never visited before. And like always, this was way too fun. The blessings, and even #4 had a magnificent afternoon. If it hadn't started to rain, I am sure we would have stayed longer. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

So much fun!

We spent the afternoon with Miracle #4 and a couple of blessings. We started off at JD Farms for lunch, bought a few items there and then headed across the street for a few more things from the vegetable stand. Then we headed down the road to Krause Berry Farm and did some playing before we did some shopping. 

Sweetheart loves to get her picture taken, and we stopped to see the chickens as we came through the gate. The chickens were real, the farmer was not. 

These guys had way too much fun jumping on the giant pumpkin and the giant strawberry. 

There were lots of interactive games and boards throughout. #4 and Grandson spent about 15 minutes mastering this one.

Sweetheart loved participating in every single activity she could find. This cow needed to be milked and she was a little disappointed that it was only water.

I love these two sweet blessings!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back to the A-carium!

Our Aquarium pass was about to expire, but I decided that I needed to renew it for one more year. We may only use it 3-4 times in a year, but that more than pays for itself. And the blessings absolutely LOVE it here. Now that Sweet Pea and Baby are two, they are really enjoying it as well. So we started out at 9:30 this morning at the A-carium, as Sweet Pea calls it, and we had an awesome 4 hours. 

Pretty Girl and Sweet Pea are very enthusiastic participants, wherever we go. They really do love going on adventures. 

We took Auntie J along and she really enjoyed herself too.

It wasn't really that crowded today......not even close to how busy it was on Monday when I was there with our other three blessings. 

They were more than happy to look at the Rays, but the only one willing to touch them was Grandpa. Maybe, it's just a boy thing. It certainly seems like that in our family anyway. 

This was coming home. She was just so happy!

She was very interested in Auntie J's watch, and liked to touch it. But at one point when I turned around, she was holding her big sister's hand. Adorable, simply adorable. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Jade!

Someone very special turned seven today. And she had a dress-up magician party. I can't believe that she is seven. I have cared for her since she was six months old!

These four were chosen from the audience to participate in the show. They were all very excited!

Tai bailed.  As soon as he saw what was going on, he took off like a shot back to his seat. So that left three. 

I have seen this many times in the past couple of years of watching a magician. The little guy in the middle was excused by the magician. 

And that left two. I think that Grandson knew what was coming next because he could not stop laughing. 

Princess and her prince.....cute little couple!  

She was being levitated off of the ground on a flying carpet. I don't think that the pictures do it justice. He was a good magician and had his audience participating and laughing for a full 45 minutes. 

These three were very pleased to get a magic goodie bag and a balloon. Jade really does have great birthday parties!