Friday, August 26, 2016

An evening with friends

Grandson decided that yesterday evening would be a nice time to go for a swim in my friend's pool. We had been chatting about it on Monday when we went to the Aquarium, and so he mentioned it and I made it happen. Turns out that Nicole and Travis had just come back from Spain and Portugal, and it was so nice to visit with them too!  

Baby got a bit brave last night. First time ever that she wanted to go in a big pool. She usually just stands on the edge.  

Thank-you Uncle B for taking her for a little ride. She was as pleased as punch. 

I think that #4 and Grandson would get a lot of use from a backyard pool. They both love the water! Sweetheart was so happy that she has grown enough to touch the bottom. She is getting braver and braver too. As long as no one splashes water in her face, she is good.

Corinna and Rob got a new puppy last week. We all fell in love with cute little Lewis! He was so curious about all the was probably the first time he had really ever seen any.

These two had way too much fun playing in the water!  Grandson insisted that I take a picture of them jumping in.  

We don't know if Oscar is all that happy to be a big brother. But he is extremely tolerant.  

Baby loved "Loolis". She kept telling us, "He's so cute!"  And she was very kind and gentle, and full of kisses for both dogs. They reciprocated with big licks back.  Such a little animal lover, she is!

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