Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Another great day!

It rained today.  And there were seven (or maybe more) children in attendance today. They started off their morning playing Hungry Hippos. Tai brought it......bless his little heart.

The twins are back for the next few weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Pretty Girl is here for the next two weeks because her daycare is closed for two weeks summer vacation. It was so nice to have all three extra girls, they were all very well behaved. And I cannot believe how much the twins have matured since they were here last time. Kindergarten agrees with both of them.

A and A left at 2 o'clock and it finally stopped raining by 3 o'clock so we were able to get outside for a little while. Some children really need to run around in the day. Tai is one of those children. But everyone did appreciate getting some fresh air.

And these pictures are for you Shannon. As you can see, Isaac is looking in every single one. They all make me smile!

And this dear sweet two year old is making me smile a lot today. I haven't cared for her for more than two weeks, and while she was camping with her family, she was toilet-trained. Well, #2 said last night that she was about 90%.......but today she was 100%. She had a super day, and she is now sleeping in a big girl bed too. So I sent a baby away two weeks ago and they brought me back a little girl. So bittersweet but so awesome too!  Way to go Sweet Pea, your Grandma is very very proud of you!

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