Thursday, August 4, 2016

At the lake

We spent Monday afternoon at the lake. The water was kind of cold but it was very refreshing. The blessings loved it!

These two sisters don't really look like sisters. Every so often they do something that makes me think that they are related, but they really could not be more different. One is as dark as the other is fair.

Grandson loved swimming in the lake. He is getting to be a very accomplished little swimmer. 

And Sweetheart isn't a very good swimmer, but she has a lot of fun wherever she goes. And she was very proud to show me that she could 'swim' too.

And so Baby showed me how well she could also 'swim'.  Monkey see, Monkey do.

The blessings and the miracles had lots and lots of fun!  Thank-you so very much to my aunt who suggested it and took us there!

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