Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back to the A-carium!

Our Aquarium pass was about to expire, but I decided that I needed to renew it for one more year. We may only use it 3-4 times in a year, but that more than pays for itself. And the blessings absolutely LOVE it here. Now that Sweet Pea and Baby are two, they are really enjoying it as well. So we started out at 9:30 this morning at the A-carium, as Sweet Pea calls it, and we had an awesome 4 hours. 

Pretty Girl and Sweet Pea are very enthusiastic participants, wherever we go. They really do love going on adventures. 

We took Auntie J along and she really enjoyed herself too.

It wasn't really that crowded today......not even close to how busy it was on Monday when I was there with our other three blessings. 

They were more than happy to look at the Rays, but the only one willing to touch them was Grandpa. Maybe, it's just a boy thing. It certainly seems like that in our family anyway. 

This was coming home. She was just so happy!

She was very interested in Auntie J's watch, and liked to touch it. But at one point when I turned around, she was holding her big sister's hand. Adorable, simply adorable. 

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