Sunday, August 14, 2016


We started our day early, thanks to our battery that had died in our smoke detector. Beep......beep.....beep.......every five seconds or so. That's what woke me up at 5:25 this morning. And I have no idea how long it was doing this for, before it starts talking.  In English and in French. Awesome.  Not! Anyway, I never did go back to sleep even though I did try. 

After we did our grocery shopping, we went to pick up this little blessing. She has spent the day with us and has been a perfect little angel. Yes, she really has.  The only disagreement that we had was when we had to leave the park, but it really was dinner time after all. And it only lasted for 10-15 seconds so that is pretty good. 

She ate two boiled eggs for lunch and asked for another one.  I gave her a bowl of hamburger soup instead and she ate it all up too. I think it is funny how most little ones like boiled eggs and devilled egg sandwiches. She especially likes the white part of the egg, and I find it interesting. Good protein, and it filled her up for the rest of the day. Her mommy said she ate pancakes for breakfast and had some pretzels and yogurt just before she came over too.  She must be growing. I noticed that she is stuttering a bit today so that just means that her brain is working overtime. She. Never. Stops. Talking. I asked her a few times where her on/off button was as she really never even takes a breath. The only time that she actually stops is so that I can answer her question and she is polite enough to listen to the answer. But then she just asks another question or repeats the same one. She can be exhausting, that's for sure. And that's actually why she came over today is just to give her Mom a break. Her Dad hurt his back again so he couldn't help out too much. She is quite needy, but that's what I am here for, is to dote upon a two year old. One on one with any child is pretty easy.

We met Auntie at the park as she has been asking and asking for us to come. So it seemed like a perfect Summer day to do that. It was hot today, but not as hot as yesterday. And this particular park in Coquitlam always seems to have a breeze going through it.

She loves the slide. Up and down, up and down.....I think she could do this all day long. 

It took some convincing to get her to go in the pool. And once she adjusted to the idea, she really liked it. As brave as she is about the slide is as cautious as she is about the pool.  

And then tonight after dinner, we went for a little walk to go see the horses. As it turned out, we never did make it as just after I took the last picture she ran past me, tripped and did a header into the sidewalk. Sorry #3 and SIL, but she got a fat lip. It always looks worse than it is because of the blood, but after a bath and some cuddles she was sound asleep by 8:30. I tried to encourage her to eat a Popsicle but there was no way she wanted one. The best I could do was a baby teether that was frozen. She sucked on that for a minute or so, but we will see in the morning how bruised or scabbed it might be.  The best part about little ones is that they heal fast, but I still feel bad because it was on my watch. 

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