Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This little toddler has had a fever since Friday. She went to the Dr on Sunday and has been swabbed for strep, and she should have her results back today. She's fine. A little bit whiny with a low grade fever every morning, but nothing that a dose of Motrin doesn't seem to fix. Until 8 hours later when she needs it again because her fever keeps coming back. She was quite happy to sit and colour yesterday morning while everyone played in the front yard. 

You know she isn't feeling well when she sits still for longer than 5 minutes. Or she isn't trying to climb up onto something.  

She was very interested in what Jade was saying. Such concentration and admiration in her expression.

Sweetheart went to the Dr too because she was complaining about having a sore throat. She was also swabbed as her throat looked even worse than Baby's. Now she has a cough. But she really liked colouring on the paper and seeing the design that the driveway made on her paper. I hear that they did leaf rubbings after this. 

And this was last week. We need her to be healthy again!

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