Monday, August 8, 2016

It was a triple park day!

We started out today at a park in Maple Ridge. It was kind of cloudy, so this sandy, sort of shady park was a perfect place to spend the morning.

We had nine children between the two of us, and they all enjoyed themselves immensely.  It's always hard to get back at it the first day after nine days off, but these guys all made it easy for us.

Sweetheart and Lucas are both five years old, and they played with each other quite a bit today. We ended up going to three different parks and they played together at every single one.

#3 took her three toddlers home for lunch and naps while the rest of us played for a little while longer. I lined them up for our group shot and everyone looked except Isaac.  There's always one....

And when we went to our second park after lunch, Isaac fell asleep so he didn't even make it into the group shot. He was lying in the stroller right beside me for over an hour before he woke up to join in the playtime.  And Sweetheart cracks me up....she is such a little poser. And those kissy lips. So funny. 

Five year old cousins!  They played on these tires for quite awhile. Up and down, up and down. They should both sleep well tonight. 

And we only ended up at the third park because the road was closed heading home, so this was closer. I figured we needed to get out of the van before the ice cream started to drip all over. I know I have an old van but melted ice cream is yucky and stinky when it dries. I didn't have any complaints from anyone.

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