Sunday, August 14, 2016

From Lake Louise

These are from 9 days ago.  I really want to back....

SIL carrying Baby on his shoulders was my view in front of me.

And as I looked behind me to take a picture of where we had come from, my little 5 year old was sure to pose for me. It took a long time to actually find a parking place at Lake Louise, so we were all rushing to the bathroom through the parking lot. Coffee isn't always your friend. 

Grandpa was teaching Grandson how to shoot the heads off of the clover. 

This is from the little bridge to get to another part of the lake that wasn't as crowded. Lake Louise was a very busy place last Friday morning. 

Another view from another angle. We all took lots of pictures. Because really, we need to always make memories. 

"Take my picture, Gamma."  So I did. 

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