Saturday, August 6, 2016

Good times

We had a really low-key relaxing Thursday.  Miracle #3 and SIL took the blessings to Calaway Park and Hubby, my aunt and I did a whole lot of nothing. We did go to the grocery store and picked up a few things, and we made lasagna for everyone for dinner, but that's about it.  I tried to get together with a friend for tea, but it wasn't meant to be.  Our lasagna dinner was delicious and we are all still talking about it. It's actually my recipe from high school but my aunt has improvised it and hers is much better than mine ever has been. Now that I helped her make it, I will definitely make it for everyone soon. Sweetheart asked for it as we were eating pizza in our hotel room tonight. She enjoyed it too!

Board games are always fun!  These guys taught Grandson how to play Flinch which was a game that my sisters and my Mom played with our miracles, so it brought back fond memories. My aunt is the one who introduced it to my Mom and she plays it with all of her grandchildren too. We had a couple of evenings where we played Sorry and Flinch and there was a great rivalry going on.  Shane says he hates Sorry and he always loses ( which he did more than once) but that didn't stop him from playing it with everyone. 

This was taken just as Sweetheart and Baby were going to go to bed so Baby was not to be persuaded to get her picture taken. I still think it as great picture even though we are missing one child.

Isn't she funny!  She went to sit but she wasn't going to look.

And their dog Pebbles went to take Baby's place after she ran away, but she is facing the wrong way.  The little ceramic lab in the bottom left isn't real, but it certainly looks like it could be.  

At 8 and 14 years old, they are having way too much fun with their electronic devices. It's a boy thing. 

This was taken just before we left yesterday morning.  I see my aunt a fair amount for someone who lives so far away, but there are very few pictures of us together. She has been really struggling with a sore back for the last couple of months and seems to finally be on the mend.  At just turned 76 years old, she is an inspiration to me. She has always been so healthy so it was tough to see her so unwell this past couple of weeks. She was actually in Maple Ridge last week and we were in Calgary this week, so we have had lots of good visiting in, as well as making some great memories with all of the children and grandchildren. 

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