Thursday, August 18, 2016


My cousin is in town from Geneva so we went to meet with him.  He is speaking at the International Congress of Pediatrics on Saturday and phoned to ask me to come and see him. 

A trip into Vancouver on a Wednesday evening is right outside the box for Hubby but he loves me enough to take me and now he is one exhausted man. We had a really nice visit and we walked and walked around Coal Harbour and he showed us both of his properties that he owns. Had lots of fun and lots of laughs, and I saw a part of Vancouver that I had never seen before. Wow!  I know that Vancouver is 40 minutes away but I just love it! Always have and always will. (And I would post the picture of me and my cousin, but both of the ones that Hubby took are very very blurry.....which is kind of good in a way because it hides some of our Anyway, these are two 60 year old men, both who I love and care about. And yes, my cousin has a very tiny amount of silver in his hair now, but he has been single all of his life and his lifestyle is extremely different than Hubby's. I have always read that married men live longer than single men, and I know that my cousin travelled all day, but I really do think that Hubby looks healthier than him. And he really looks like my Mom, but he always has......Just sayin'

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