Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lots of girls

There were lots of girls at at Daycare today. Sweetheart wanted to stay overnight last night so here she is.  She is just so darn cute. There is just a special innocence to little ones when they are sleeping. 

And Baby stayed one more night too.  And she is also pretty cute.  And so precocious....I think she is dreaming about ways to be naughty. Lol.  

Preston turned one less than a month ago but he has a new haircut and i just love it. He apparently cried throughout the whole experience but it makes him look like such a little boy instead of a baby. 

He has always liked this polar fleece pillow slip that all the little girls play with with their dolls. He even wrapped himself up with it at one point. 

Lucas was slightly outnumbered today. It was a regular girls club. There were quite a few 5 and 6 year olds colouring at the kitchen table this morning.  And one little two year old 'helping' her one year old friend eat his strawberries and cheese. 

And another picture just because our baby is looking at the camera.  Fun day today, but it sure was busy!  

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