Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More from the Quirium

The children loved the Wet Lab. This is a membership perk that I wasn't even aware of until my niece told me about it, and the three older cousins got right into it.  Baby wasn't so sure and Isaac was finished before everyone else, but I had already taken Baby over to Clownfish Cove so Shannon stayed with everyone until they were done.

So interesting!  And it wasn't very busy, so they had lots of attention given to them by the staff. Shannon said that Grandson and Sweetheart asked lots of questions and they all learned a lot in the Wet Lab. 

Baby likes to be in charge. She sat at this leaders table for quite some time as she liked feeling like she was the boss. Once her sister came over, she got brave enough to touch the starfish, but that was the only thing she would touch.  For having such a bold personality she really is cautious when she is unfamiliar. She is very unpredictable. 

Sweetheart claims that the Amazon is one of her favourite parts of the Aquarium. Me, I don't really like it at all. Everyone was very enthralled with the snake. It's head is right over top Lucas's head and it was pretty enthralled with us too. Oh, yuck. Just an opinion......

Baby absolutely LOVED the beluga whales. She kept singing Baby Beluga to them, and called all of them baby belugas. She's changed and grown up a lot since she was here in the Spring. She really took the time out to engage and pay attention to everything. I think she would have watched the belugas all day long if she was allowed. 

Grandson is such a good big brother. He always listens and explains things to her. 

Everyone really enjoyed their Aquarium visit!

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