Friday, August 26, 2016

Morning out

I am only caring for three children today and two of them are my blessings. It's been an easier day than the usual Friday. Which is sort of a good thing as Sweet Pea woke up today with an extremely runny nose and drippy eyes. I really thought that we had made it through Summer with minimal sickness, but it's been a "need a Kleenex every minute" kind of day. 

The good news is that she seems to be in pretty good spirits. She ate well and played well all morning. We went to pick up muffins from Tim Hortons as Pretty Girl thought we should do that before we went to play. No problem.  You don't have to ask me more than once to stop for muffins. I can always use a coffee. 
They are so funny. Pretty Girl keeps asking me to take pictures of her whereas Sweet Pea just wants to play. She is expressing herself with a dramatic "noooooooo" in the first pic.  Then she was distracted with a crow flying into the tree and cawing, so she was more than happy to cooperate just two minutes later. 

Pretty Girl made a cake and we sang Happy Birthday. To me. I told her that it was really Jade's birthday today, not mine, but she didn't care. She wanted to pretend that it was my birthday. Me, I didn't really think that I needed a birthday but I accommodated her as six year olds are easy to please. 

Getting very tall and looking very ready for Grade 1. 

"Take my picture, take a picture of me and Ethan."  So I did. As you can see, she has had a lot more practice than he has. Lol. We had lots of fun at the park this morning!

The sequence of these pics is clockwise from the bottom right. 

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