Saturday, August 6, 2016

Motel Life

We stayed at two hotel/motels on our seven day holiday. We were extremely pleased with the Best Western in Revelstoke. It was pricey but it was really new and really nice.  So when we headed into Sicamous last night, we knew it was almost half the price, so we knew it wouldn't be as nice. You get what you pay for, right? Well, we were pleasantly surprised with our one bedroom suite, and Grandson made himself right at home with the wifi password and his iPad. 

He is just so precious. And here he is, waiting for us all to get ready to go to the pool before dinner. He is laughing, and he has the most contagious giggle.

Baby was so excited when her Mommy put her playpen in our room because that meant that she was sleeping with 'Gamma and Gampa.' She was so cute when she went in and climbed up onto our bed, and went to sleep. I laid with her for a few minutes and then I left her for a bit before I transferred her into her own bed. She thinks she is such a big girl, and she looks very little in our king-sized bed. Of course, I had to take some pictures first!  And at 6 am this morning, she was our wake-up call too.  After some wonderful cuddles, she was so pleased to get handed my iPad before breakfast. 

This is when we were checking out this morning. We certainly don't pack light, do we?  Of course, this isn't even all of what we had. SIL and Hubby are way too efficient and they don't waste any time, and they kept moving the suitcases to the van. I kept Baby busy on the stairs while my favourite grandson helped the men. Isn't he a very sweet doorman?  

We left our motel just after 9 am and we were pleasantly surprised to have our room given to us for free. We had an issue with the hide-a-bed that the blessings were supposed to sleep in as it smelled like urine when they climbed into it last night. The staff was amazing and they were going to get us a new mattress from Salmon Arm, but we opted to get the air bed out of the van and use it instead. After all, they had slept on it at Auntie Bev's all week and it worked great. Sweetheart was so cute, as she said she was happy to sleep on the air bed again because she really liked it. Anyway, it was rather inconvenient and a little bit gross but we saved almost $300. We were surprised, and left feeling okay about the whole situation. 

We arrived home at 3 pm after one stop for lunch in Merritt and this is what we came home to. At first, we thought that the tire had been slashed. Our neighbour actually witnessed it blowing up a few days ago, as it was probably just old age. He said there was a loud bang and smoke, so I am feeling pleased that I wasn't home and there were no little people around. And thanks to another neighbour, he and Hubby had the tire changed within the hour.  

Our blessings decided to come home with us for a couple of hours.....yes, I thought that they would be tired of us, but I guess they weren't......and I have unpacked and done 4 loads of laundry.  Home again, home again......I guess I am happy to be home, but I miss the G family already. Their parents came back to get them just after 5 and it is really really quiet here. Picked up some take-out from the Mongolian Grill, we've caught up on a couple of PVR'd shows and I am feeling weary. We had a really fantastic holiday and we made a lot of wonderful memories. 

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