Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rainy Wednesday

Hubby has taken a week of his holidays this week. He has a list of things he wants to get done, and I don't really feel like I have seen him very much, even though we are both here most of the day. He fixed our dryer yesterday, and I can honestly say that is what I am the most thankful for. It broke on the 8th of August and I really didn't think that I missed it that much until I was able to use it again. It's been really quite warm so I have been using the back sundeck to dry our clothes. And I really don't do very much laundry any more as it is just the two of us, but my old-fashioned way was getting old. Seriously. I really didn't mind running everything upstairs, but now that I'm not doing it any more, I am extremely appreciative. 

These two cuties adore him. He has a bit of a fan club......Sweet Pea is always looking for him and Preston always comes to sit with him. Even when he was so grumpy on Monday, he was more than happy to sit with Sweet Pea's Grandpa. Hubby took a few minutes out of his morning to visit and tend to some of the children. 

I love this man. More than he will ever know. I especially love watching him with the little ones. He truly is such a kid magnet. 

Preston hasn't really been into having a bottle for the past few weeks, but he was more than happy to suck it back today. Maybe it was because of who was holding it for him.  

Group shot. All the boys saw that I was taking pictures so they came to get one taken too.

Jade does this quite often during the course of her day. It's like the doorway calls her name and she has to climb it. She has amazing abs, that is for sure!

I can't believe that today is the last day of August. It's been a great month, but September is going to be here tomorrow. Sigh.....I am not so sure that I am all that ready to say good-bye yet. 

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