Monday, August 15, 2016

She's good!

My little angel slept in her crib, or as she calls it, "Cora's bed", last night until 5 o'clock this morning and I am quite sure that woke up because Hubby's alarm went. So I cuddled her into "Isaac's bed" until she went back to sleep about five minutes later and she slept until 7:04. She's really cute when she gets out of bed all by herself as she wants to be a big girl so badly. She brings a blanket and pulls it down the hall like Linus while calling my name. 

Anyway, her lip is soooooo much better today and isn't bothering her at all. It actually looks pretty good!  She told me already, "I fall down.  My ouchie is all better now."  Here she is asking me where the water is in the water table. 

A little bit of peanut butter on the side of her mouth, but as you can see, her lip looks okay.

Looking like she would like to climb over if she could....

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