Sunday, August 28, 2016

So much fun!

We spent the afternoon with Miracle #4 and a couple of blessings. We started off at JD Farms for lunch, bought a few items there and then headed across the street for a few more things from the vegetable stand. Then we headed down the road to Krause Berry Farm and did some playing before we did some shopping. 

Sweetheart loves to get her picture taken, and we stopped to see the chickens as we came through the gate. The chickens were real, the farmer was not. 

These guys had way too much fun jumping on the giant pumpkin and the giant strawberry. 

There were lots of interactive games and boards throughout. #4 and Grandson spent about 15 minutes mastering this one.

Sweetheart loved participating in every single activity she could find. This cow needed to be milked and she was a little disappointed that it was only water.

I love these two sweet blessings!

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