Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer is here!

Wow, was it ever hot today!  We started our day at the swimming pool and I think it was hotter in there than outside. We watched Pretty Girl swim and she is very very good. Her last swimming lesson is next week and I am sure she will pass into Swim Kids 3.

Then we went to my ophthalmologist appointment for an OCT test and this was different than the one I have done before. Same test, different machine. It hurt.....too many bright lights taking pictures of my eyes, and I wasn't very fond of this new machine. Anyway, my pressures in my eyes are 19 for the left and 21 for the right so I wasn't too fond of those numbers either. That's quite high.

Then we came back to Maple Ridge and went to buy an new freezer. Ours has been slowly dying for the last few months, and when the repairman came on July 29th, he told me it was going to cost $1300 to fix. Sooooooooo, I guess that meant we needed to buy a new one.  But we were going on holidays the next day so we left anyway, not really knowing what to expect when we came home. It was fine. It's not completely dead, so we probably have a few months before it is completely useless. But Hubby being Hubby, he needed to replace it before he absolutely had we are now $1174.94 poorer. It will be delivered next Saturday and they will also take the old one away. We bought a smaller one this time as we are at a different stage in our lives than we were in 2002 when we bought this last one. Apparently, it should have only lasted 8-10 years so the fact that it lasted 14 years was really good. It's one of those things that I really wondered how badly we even needed a new one. At all. 

We stopped at the Farmer's Market on our way home and bought some fresh vegetables, and some local honey before we were sweating so much that we both wanted to leave. I think we were there 15 minutes! Farmer's Market was just up the road today, and my friend who lives there put a picture of it on Facebook.  I live in a really beautiful place, don't I?

After stopping on 123rd for our vegetables, we came home to get cooled off in our lovely cool house, I did a few chores, talked on the phone a bit and made a delicious dinner of turkey meatballs, new potatoes, corn on the cob, beet greens, cauliflower, avocado and eggplant. I gave it a two thumbs up, as it was so delicious......and that is pretty good being as I actually made it myself. I haven't really liked my own cooking much lately so maybe this means that things are looking up. Lol. 

Our Canadian Olympic team received two more bronze medals today, so that was exciting. I just came home from a wonderful church service about being authentic. I think my favourite part was singing How Great Thou Art, but Pastor Bruce gave an excellent sermon from Romans 14:1-12.  Miracle #1 met me there and I think she enjoyed it too.

Our first medal of the day was in was in women's team pursuit. 

And then we received a medal in heptathlon. Hubby had to explain to me what a heptathlon was, as I truly didn't know. I learned the words egalitarian and complementarian in church tonight and I didn't know what they were either. So that's good, as I learned three new words today. I try to learn new things every day, so that means that I actually used my brain today.  Not that I will be using any of them in my conversations any time soon......

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