Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer day

We went to the park this morning!  

And my little slider had lots of fun. She is way too brave. 

He's not very brave. But he sure is cute!

Jade insisted that we take a picture of her and Preston, and Ethan doesn't look very impressed, but Alicia was more than happy to pose. There is something about girls and pictures right now, they all seem extremely eager to get their picture taken.  

She loves him, and she is such a big helper!

Took some group shots as we were getting ready to leave.  Gosh, I love these guys!

As usual, the first one is the best one.  But the others didn't really turn out too badly either. The fact that I took three pictures and all 10 children are actually looking at me is a small miracle all by itself! 

The fact that most of them are actually looking very happy is a bonus! We all had such a wonderful morning! And if anyone is wondering where Grandson and Sweetheart are, they were invited by a friend to go to the beach. 

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