Thursday, August 25, 2016

Taking pictures

We had one of those tremendous days yesterday, with lots of social time and lots of playing with fuzzins.  Remember that fuzzins are fake cousins, or friend cousins. Baby at one point was calling Sam Auntie Sam as she has decided that every female adult is her auntie. They all make me smile. There is a lot of love in these photos. 

Sam has requested that these girls should stop growing older. She can't believe that one is off to kindergarten already and the two youngest ones are already two.

Taking pictures of these three blessings was quite comical.  There may or may not have been candy involved....used as a bribe.  

Sweetheart and Sweet Pea were very agreeable and cooperative from the beginning. Baby, not so much. Even with the offer of a treat, she still had to be coaxed to move over and sit closer.

And there was no way that she was going to sit on Samantha's knee. So after five tries, we sort of got it right. Sam and some of her fuzzins had a lot of fun together. 

They make my heart smile. I have a lot of love for every single one of these very important people!

Sam started taking selfies. Baby is so funny. 

This is Sam's favourite, even though we have one missing blessing. 

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