Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At the park. Again.

I only had four children to care for today as Preston stayed home because he wasn't feeling well. They have become accustomed to standing together for group shots. I have trained them well. Lol. 

Just before we got into the van, they all came to stand together. Gosh, I love these kids. To the moon and back again. 

Baby had been fever-free since yesterday morning so we were able to meet #3 and her six today. And I convinced them all to stand together before they went to play. I am always so impressed if I can get all ten looking at me. It isn't easy. 

They are all so precious. And I sure hope that they all know how loved they are. I think they do, but I sure tell them all as often as I can.  

They all played on this hill more than they actually played on the playground equipment. So much fun running up and down. And rolling down. 

They are all such good friends. I love watching and listening to them interact with one another.

Even #3 tried rolling down the hill. And here's what happened next.....Baby was extremely upset with what her Mommy was doing. It was actually quite comical. I adore the way her sister went over to try and comfort her.

They are just too cute for words. 

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