Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Here are my Wednesday kids. Every day is a different day at this house. We headed off to the park this morning and they all burned off their energy. Boys need to do that more than girls, but all of them appreciated their play time. 

They all lined up and I had to laugh at all of them. To be honest, they really weren't as sad/mad as they all looked. I think they just wanted to get going. 

See?  Much happier once they all got there. Except we had one lone two year old who refused to get in the picture. I never force any of them if they don't want to, but I certainly encourage.

And as you can see from this one, they were all very happy to just get playing. Christopher had a wonderful game of American Ninja Warrior going with the boys while Pretty Girl and the two-two year olds just did their own thing. 

This blessing loves hanging around as much as Grandson and Jade. She had so much fun on the monkey bars.  Even when she fell and hurt herself on that bar by her feet, she still got right back up and did it again. 

They just love hanging upside down. And they are all getting to the point that they really like getting their picture taken. I hear, "look at me" and "take my picture" a lot. 

Except for these two.  I love the way that Sweet Pea is ignoring me to the best of her ability.  Isaac finally looked up to show me what he was playing with, but I am sure that he would have rather not. I can be quite persuasive, you know?  But it usually takes a few minutes. 

She is so adorable. She got up on the bench beside me and I got off to take a quick pic, but she wasn't going to look. She just wanted to talk. And talk. And talk. We really do have some of the best conversations! Don't you just love her eyes?  I still marvel at their colour....they are still blue, just not as blue as they used to be.

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