Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday morning

Can I keep her?  We have a new little girl who is my new neighbour, and she is delightful. She came for a visit last week because her friends were here.  She enjoyed herself so much that her Mom asked if she could come back for a few days before school starts. So she is here today and I wish that I could keep her. She is such a lovely little 5 year old!

Look at all the cute kids with happy smiles. Everyone was very happy to include a new friend. 

And they were all really happy to head to the park. The weather was pleasant and I had enough seat belts. 

Bubbles are a really cheap way to entertain any age of children. I picked up a bunch a few weeks ago for 50% off, and got some more last week for 70% off.  The children are loving them.  

Preston didn't arrive today until after 10 o'clock, so he met us at the park instead of being dropped off at my house. He was very tired but he still joined in the playing. 

All of these children loved playing in the sand. Simple pleasures. 

Sweet Pea is two, so she wanders around a fair bit. She never travels too far away from me, but is quite happy to play independently when she feels like it.  Playing in the sand makes her happy. And playing with my new sand toys make all of us happy. I love 70% off deals!

And this is where the rest of them went while she was playing in the sand. Baby Preston was glued to my hip at this point because he needed to go to bed. We all had a wonderful morning at the park!

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