Friday, August 12, 2016

Vacation withdrawal

We have been home from our Summer Vacation for almost a week now. I miss it.  But mostly I miss these people. It's hard to go from seeing people every day to going back to reality and not seeing them at all. Yes, I still see Hubby, but Work Hubby and Vacation Hubby are just so different. He really needs his quiet time when he's working, so we don't converse as much when we actually do see one another. Miracle #3 and I have had really busy work weeks (too many children to fit in our vans) so we were only able to get together on Monday. Here it is Friday, and we both have 7 children each today too. I will keep enjoying my pictures and my memories. 

This is half way up Revelstoke Mountain. We were told that they were going to take The Pipe all the way to the top next year. So that just means that we have to go back.  

Everyone (even Baby) loved looking out at the view. The G children all love maps, so we had interesting discussions about what we could see. 

My favourite grandson. He appreciated the view more than his sisters but he has alway enjoyed being 'way up high'. Those are his baby sister's words but I can remember when he was 2 and he used to say the exact same thing. 

I didn't know that Hubby had taken this as he doesn't usually take many pictures. I had handed him my camera because the battery said it was exhausted.  Obviously not.  It still had one last picture in it and I had #3's phone because she stayed in the van with a sleeping Baby. This is Horseshoe Canyon, just outside of Drumheller, but the picture doesn't do it justice. 

These two make me smile. They loved Lake Louise. 

None of us had ever been to Moraine Lake and it was well worth visiting. Lake Louise is only 4 km off the highway, whereas this lake is 10 km in, on another road. It's well worth the extra drive. It is gorgeous!

I think she was trying to figure out how to get over the fence. 

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