Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We went on a field trip!

Miracle #3 and I took our children to the Recycling Depot for a field trip this morning and we all had so much fun! Shannon joined us with her boys and Samantha came along as a helper, and we all really enjoyed our outing. Sweetheart kept saying over and over, "I love it here!" She is such an eager little learner...I already know that she is more than ready to head off to kindergarten in a couple of weeks!

Recycling Dan is passionate about his job. It showed when Hubby and I went last week, and it was even more evident today. Everyone paid very close attention to what he was telling them. 

Don't you just love all their vests that look like dresses? It made them feel so important!

What a beautiful day for an outing. It was warm, but not too warm. 

Unfortunately, the sun was in the wrong place for this picture. 

So we tried again. All of the children received a little red recycling box as a gift from their experience. It was a great field trip and we all learned something new today.  Only Baby had a negative comment, as she said, "No, I probably no like recycling. It's super loud."  Oh my gosh, she makes me laugh. 

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