Thursday, August 4, 2016

Zoo Day

We went to the Calgary Zoo on Tuesday and it did not disappoint. It has changed a lot since I was last there, but most of the changes were when it was flooded in 2013.  It's still a wonderful place to visit and we all had a really great day!

We had the rose garden all to ourselves. It was very beautiful and quiet.

Can you see the Calgary Tower in the background? It used to be the tallest building in Calgary but not any more. There are lots of taller buildings all around it now, but it still looks tall from this particular viewpoint.  

The Zoo is built on an island so we had to go across the bridge to get to it. My Dad grew up very close to here and I always remember hearing stories about him swimming in the river.  Do note Sweetheart's map. It is very important to both her and Grandson to read their maps wherever we go and tell us what we are going to see next. On this particular day, Sweetheart was in charge and she loved telling us where we were going and what we were going to see next.

Baby LOVED all of the animals. She was quite taken with looking at every single one. 

This is a Komodo dragon.  Baby kept calling it a baby dinosaur. Apparently, a Komodo dragon is a carnivore and eats every single part of it's prey. It crushes the bones and eats them along with every muscle and organ. Ewwwwwww.

Prehistoric Park was one of the best parts of the Zoo!

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