Friday, September 16, 2016

We had a good day!

There is a full moon tonight. And Mercury is still in retrograde. It kind of made me not want to leave the house. So we really didn't. At least for the morning, anyway.  As it turned out, Finn went to sleep just after 10, and so we played in the water table. 

Ethan didn't want his picture taken, so he backed away and I took a few pictures of three very happy girls. They all had lots of fun!  So did Ethan, I just don't have any proof.

Finn slept until 12:20, which was right when we had to take the older two to pre-school. Shay insisted on putting on her backpack too, and they were all happy to pose. 

After we dropped Ethan and Kara off at school, Finn came home to eat lunch while Sweet Pea had a snack and Shay had a nap. Before we knew it, it was time to wake up Shay and pick up Pretty Girl. 

We decided not to stay at the school playground, and went to a different park instead. Pretty Girl was so helpful. She really loves to be a big helper and it's always nice when the little ones let her.

Four swings and four children. That worked out rather well, didn't it?

I really do have a wonderful job taking care of wonderful children who I love very much!  Yes, there were a few naughty behaviours today, but nothing that couldn't be addressed and dealt with.  Finn walked into a chair and went home with a little red mark on his forehead. But compared to the big goose egg on her forehead that I sent Sweet Pea home with yesterday, today was much better! Sweet Pea fell walking on the driveway.....right on her head where she had fallen and hit the night before when she was at home. It was really ugly....and looked much better today. 

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