Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back to school

Well, here we go again!  The first day of school has crept up on us very quickly and as much as I am ready, I would still like a few more days of Summer. It's not raining out, but it's wet, cloudy and 13 degrees.  It's actually supposed to get nicer as the day progresses so that will be nice for all the walkers. I know that the school parking lots and roads are crazy enough on the first day without rain to make it worse. 

The three oldest blessings who are officially in grade school all go today, even though Grandson and Pretty Girl are only in for the morning. Sweetheart goes for 20 minutes and that is to meet her teacher. SIL is working from home today so he is taking her to her meeting and he is also doing the drop-off and pick-up for Grandson.  DIL will be taking Pretty Girl to her first day, and her Daycare will pick her up. I don't have any drop-offs or pick-ups today and I am grateful. Shannon took today off to take Lucas to his first day of Grade 1. 

Grandson and Pretty Girl are both very excited to go to Grade 3 and Grade 1, and Sweetheart is still a bit apprehensive. She will be fine once she gets there and I think it's very normal to be a bit nervous on the first day. Her first official morning is on Thursday and then she goes Friday afternoon. Good old gradual entry!  

I am very excited for all of them and am looking forward to hearing about their first days! Have a great day everyone, and be safe!

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