Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beautiful British Columbia

We really do live in the most beautiful province. We are very privileged to live here and I don't take it for granted. The Sea to Sky Gondola is just over an hour's drive from our home. And it was definitely worth the drive! 

We soaked in the beauty, the sun and the wind when we first arrived. And because we were on the second gondola up the mountain with the big line-up of the people who paid half price, we know it was going to get busy very soon. 

It's a big mountain. It wasn't really all that busy anywhere we went. Especially at the beginning. 

The gondolas fit 8 people in them and they are very comfortable. And very very high. You wouldn't like it Cynde....even I had to look out and not down. And I am not afraid of heights. Just moving bridges that sway in the wind. And there is actually a way around the can get to that particular viewpoint by walking 400 m around another way through the forest. I was just attempting to do something that scared me....but I have my doubts that I would ever do it again. 

We enjoyed reading about all of the mountains around us. That is Ledge Mountain on the left, Sky Pilots Mountain in the middle in the clouds, with Co-Pilots Mountain right beside it to the right. 

There were lots of rocks, cliffs and viewpoints along the Panorama Loop trail. But the mountains and trees all just blended together, and it sort of just looked the same. 

The sun was always in the wrong place for taking pictures of Howe Sound. I guess we will just have to come back during the day instead of the evening. It's truly a million dollar view!

That's as far as I would venture out on the cliff. I'm not really brave. 

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