Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Beautiful day

I think I am going to love Tuesdays.  It's the day that Sam comes to help me, and so far it has worked out magnificently. We went to the park after Music yesterday and it was a little but wet, but it was so nice out. 

We didn't stay very long as this little one decided that she needed to use the bathroom. Which was fine because the two littlest boys needed to go to bed anyway. I love that she is fully toilet-trained now and she was even able to wait the five minutes to get home. There is always a few accidents while the little ones are learning and as much as I love that children need to use the toilet, there is the ease of taking diapered children out and about too. I should have taken her before we left Music class, so I have to take most of the blame for this as I am her caregiver. 

We actually got Preston on the swing. Up until now, he had been terrified. Sam loves all the little children, and she thinks that these littlest boys are so cute. She's right, they are. 

Here we are, just getting ready to go pick up the big boys. Sam always pitches right in and she pushed the stroller while I tended to the walkers. We went to meet #3 and her gang, and we all played at the school playground for about an hour after school. I know that these beautiful sunny days are numbered so we always appreciate the sunshine. 

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