Sunday, September 4, 2016

Block Party

We had our annual block party tonight and it was fantastic. We got 100% of the street out which I think is a first. Every single household showed up and a grand time was had by all!

The sun peeked out for most of the evening. Until it got dark and we had a dance party. I was told by all the neighbours that if anyone was going to to get a prize for the best dancing, it would be Hubby. I was also asked by several people if he had been drinking. Yep, he surprised me too, but I guess we've never had a big speaker and music before. And no, he wasn't drinking or on any medication.  Lol. 

Chris is always on the barbecue.  And he cooked our steaks perfectly.

These two looked so cute drinking their water. They are certainly looking very comfortable.  They loved these little chairs. 

Hubby was showing Troy that he coached him in hockey in 1978-1979. It's funny because they both grew up in Vancouver and they went to Killarney. His wife and I both grew up in Coquitlam and we went to Centennial.  They are a lot younger than us, but it's just one of those funny coincidences. 

Here all the kids who grew up on 205th Street. There are a whole bunch more coming but these are the originals. Cross was flattered to be included.....he's not really an original from the 80's and 90's, but it's the only street he really remembers.  #4 is all wet because we had just finished water balloon games. 

Second generation, plus more. There are so many new children living on our street now.....and yes, there are several little girls whose name begins with the letter A.  Lol. We sure had a wonderful time tonight, and I am so so so tired. It's been a really busy two days!

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