Sunday, September 25, 2016

My morning out with Sam

When Samantha invited me out this morning, I was very pleased and she was very excited to be spending the morning together. She invited me to an Etsy show and she really wanted to go early so that we could get the free swag bag. She picked me up at 7:30 am and we stopped at Starbucks on the way to North Vancouver. This is Vancouver from Lonsdale Quay, just after 8 o'clock this morning. 

We played tourist for a few minutes before heading over to where the Etsy Show was.

Oh, how I love Vancouver!  Even just looking over at it from the North Shore makes me happy!  It wouldn't have been a good day to be there as Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were coming over this morning. I would have loved to see them, but I am done with the days of lining up with thousands of people to catch a glimpse. I did that in 1986 to see Princess Diana and it was not even worth it. I went with my Mom so that was fun, but all we really saw was Prince Charles's hand waving out the window of a big black car. 

Sam says that she had never been to Lonsdale Quay before. The Market was pretty quiet at that time of the morning. 

And we made it with plenty of time to spare, as we were around the 28th and 29th people in the line-up. We both received our swag bags with over $50 worth of free stuff from the vendors. I think my favourite item is a coconut and oat milk bath, but my little heart ring and the sunglasses are very cool as well. We both got lots of fun items and both of our bags were a little bit different. 

We also received some free cookies by telling this vendor that we were short and sweet. Which we both are not short, but maybe we can be sweet. That's what made it so funny, is that it wasn't true. We were #8 and #9 out of 10 to receive this free treat. And it's only because Sam read about it online that we got free cookies. Anyway, we had the most enjoyable morning out and we think we may have to make it a once-a-month outing. It's actually quite surprising how many of these markets are scheduled throughout the Lower Mainland in the next few months. All I actually bought were some lemon bars for Hubby, and Sam bought some jewelry, lemon bars, lip balm and hair clips, so I would say that it was a wonderful successful morning out!

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