Saturday, September 24, 2016


The children have enjoyed watching all of the activity that has been outside our house all week. No matter when you looked, there was always something to see. This was Isaac and Baby looking out the window on Monday.

The sun came out on Tuesday and lasted until Thursday, and there was a lot to watch on Wednesday evening. Grandson and Sweetheart came over around 5 to pick up their sister with their Mom, and they ended up staying here for dinner and watching all the happenings. 

She was watching the movie people with Grandpa's car.

There is a kidnapping scene in the movie and those two cars were being filmed with people getting in and out of them. 

Sweetheart liked watching but she likes posing for a picture as well. She was starting to get hungry and so we went inside to get everything ready. 

Grandson and Sweetheart watched from the window while they ate their dinner. The neighbours all came out to have a look and a visit too.

And then they ate their dessert and watched some more. 

Finn and Sweet Pea had lots to watch yesterday. Never a dull moment around our neighbourhood this week. Like I mentioned before, I am going to miss it!

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