Thursday, September 8, 2016


The first week of school is a waste of time. Seriously. The schools never put the children in their classrooms until 2 or 3 days in, and really, other than social time, what are they really learning? They are learning how to cope in stressful situations. That's about it. 

This is what Lucas, Alex, Mason and Jonah were doing for a good 15 minutes before someone came to organize the mass confusion. 

They were having lots of fun, while 50 or 60 parents were milling about, trying to figure out what was happening next. There wasn't any staff or authoritative figure to be found until the bell rang at 8:25. And even then, they just stood in little groups until the vice-principal showed up at 8:30. Because I had my keys around my neck, people were asking me if I worked at the school and if I knew what was happening. Nope, not me.  But I guess I looked like I knew what I was doing. Lol. 

I loved watching Lucas play and interact with his friends. I just love him to the moon and back again. 

It was very noisy in the gym. These two were very content to sit on the bench and watch the chaos happening around them. 

His new classroom doesn't have an outside door. This is going to be interesting. He was sure happy to finally be going to his new classroom and getting to meet his new teacher!  Me too!

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