Thursday, September 8, 2016

First day pictures

Maybe I should just call them their first week pictures, as they were all taken some time this week. Everyone is settled into their new classrooms and everyone seems very happy! 

In order that I received each of the pictures, here are some extremely special people who started school this week!

Isaac was very happy for his brother. I think that he thought that he was going too. He had an very emotional day yesterday.....he missed Lucas. He was back to his usual happy self today though, so that was good. 

These two went to Grade 3 and Kindergarten today. Sweetheart was sooooooooo excited!  And it was only for the morning for her but she loved it. Was there really any doubt?  She has a male teacher who is very outdoorsy, so she's going to do lots of kinesthetic learning. 

Pretty Girl is in Grade 1 with the same teacher as last year. We are all very pleased as we all love her! Her classroom has moved to the front of the school too, so that makes us happy as well!

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