Monday, September 5, 2016

From The Fair

These two love maps. While we were waiting for everyone to gather together, they had to figure out where they were and where we were going. 

As much as I really don't like rides, I spent a fair amount of time on them. So I do what everyone else is doing, and I take pictures. This is around noon on Saturday.  Look at how few people are there!

I am not going to say that this is her favourite, but it is certainly in her top five!  She was having so much fun! 

Grandson and Chase are up there, I believe they are second from the left from the pole. They are flying. Grandson also went on The Beast, the Hellavator and the wooden coaster. He's tall enough to go on every ride now, and although he is still a little bit nervous about some, his cousin has absolutely no fear and so they accomodate each other. In this particular one, Chase is indulging his cousin, as it is fairly tame compared to what he would rather do. 

She was so excited to be going on this.

Getting all strapped in and ready!

Four minutes of jumping and feeling like she could fly!

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