Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy 60th Birthday!

Hubby's brother turns 60 next Saturday, and his family had a surprise party for him today. I was chuckling at Baby who has no idea what a surprise party is, so she was chatting away, playing in the water in the birdbath while everyone else was ducking down in the yard and being quiet.

He was surprised!  Like absolutely shocked and totally surprised! He really didn't have a clue, and it does help that it is one week early. 

These three girls had so much fun playing in the yard. They all loved the little bridge over the koi pond.

Baby liked the koi pond too.  And she especially loved the little bridge as well.

Auntie Pat loves all of the little ones. And even though these two year olds had candy in their mouths, it is still a pretty cute picture!

Tammy and Steve, just the two of them. We were all chatting about how none of us have a whole lot of "couple" pictures.  We all need to work on that, and there is no time like the present. 

They we're showing me the card that they helped make for Uncle Steve. This idea was actually taken from my nieces and their families who gave the exact same gift to Hubby on his 60th Birthday last November. Hubby is just under 11 months older than his brother which means that they are Irish twins.

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