Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I am blessed!

It was a very foggy morning. These boys really liked it, but Alex was a bit concerned. It was disappearing very quickly on our way to school, so that made him happy. This was around 8:15 this morning. 

Miracle #3 and I were very spontaneous after MyGym this morning. We headed over the bridge to go to Krause Berry Farms. These were our five little blessings and friends after we walked through the Barley Maze. 

We found all of the little stations with information about barley, and so they all received a free baseball sized pumpkin. Who thinks it is interesting that they all chose a white one except for Brennan? They were all very happy to have a little pumpkin to take home. Simple pleasures, and our outing cost us nothing but the bridge toll. We will have to go again before it is closed for the season. 

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