Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I love my life!

It s been one of those perfectly wonderful exceptional days. I was thinking that Mercury must be coming out of retrograde. Lol.

This was my little group of very special boys who needed to go with me to school this morning. We were just waiting for Sweet Pea to arrive, so that we could drive over and walk from #3's house. Sandie and I walked her four children to school today, because Baby has had a fever for the last couple of days. As it turned out, it must have broke some time in the middle of night because she has been fever-free since 4 o'clock this morning. She went to the Dr while the rest of us went to MyGym and she has had another virus. Seems to be over it now though, as she has been fine all day. The 103.2 fever has disappeared. Yay!

These three children had so much fun at MyGym. It doesn't need to be said that it will always be my favourite Daycare activity of the week. MyGym moved our day from Monday to Wednesday, which has some of my friends annoyed, but it actually works out better for me. I have more children on Wednesday morning than on Monday. 

Isaac LOVES MyGym!

And Sweet Pea has never been with me because she doesn't come to Daycare on Mondays. She LOVED MyGym today too!

We brought Brennan with us while #3 took Baby to the Doctor. He was such a good boy.....he is acting very three years old lately. It's so nice!

These two cousins played so well together while Preston was sleeping. Isaac is telling me, "There's nothing in it!"

They had such a great day together. They were acting very three today too! It was so cute to listen to them play Doctor together. They also went to Superstore to buy groceries together. It entertained them both for over an hour.

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