Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's Grandparent's Day!

Today is Grandparent's Day!  And I feel like a grandparent. Which is exactly what I want to do on a day in my honour.  We picked up Sweetheart and Baby today and took them to church. Grandson had a couple of lacrosse games and #3 really wanted to watch instead of chasing her girls. So it was a win/win.  

Baby was sooooooo excited to come to her sister's old pre-school and be a big girl. And for only being two years old, she acted three for the entire class. Sweetheart was so happy to show her sister around. 

When your Grandpa is the teacher, it just makes it special.  He's always been my craft guy.  You know, because everyone knows how much I dislike doing crafts. 

She adored this dolly. And she really wanted to take it home with her.

These two beauties would have stayed here for longer than an hour and a half. We always go early to set everything up, and they both had a lot of fun. It was a challenging class today, with 2 Downs Syndrome boys, a verbally challenged boy, a developmentally challenged girl and a crier with separation anxiety. There were 11 children in attendance, and I don't like to boast but my two blessings were absolutely perfect. I was admiring Baby's ability to cope in a group setting and she just loved Circle Time. She was so eager!

We joined their Mom and Dad for Grandson's lacrosse game at noon and these two totally enjoyed the lovely day while playing in the grass. 

I am not so sure that I liked all of the shoving and checking, but Grandson loves this part of the game. He's right in there with all the rest of the boys, and really likes field lacrosse.  He has skills. But that doesn't really surprise me as he has always been very athletic. It looks like it will be a wonderful season, especially if the weather stays somewhat decent. I am looking forward to becoming a lacrosse Grandma, and Hubby had no problem being a lacrosse Grandpa. And he liked all the checking, just sayin'.

I love him to the moon and back again!

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