Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just another September day

We started our day at the school, dropping off three boys. These two cousins are way too cute together. They just squatted at my feet, playing with rocks while we waited for Lucas to go into his classroom. We are still at the figuring-it-out stage for dropping all the children off at respective classrooms. So far, Lucas's teacher is the slowest at letting the children in. Not always the slowest for letting them out though. 

We picked up an extra two year old on our way back to the van. And this is how they walked back together. Awwwww, aren't they simply adorable? Just another three weeks and they all won't be two any more, because Isaac is having a birthday. 

They were all extremely cooperative about standing and getting their picture taken on the side of the road. They are growing up way too fast!

We went to MyGym and it was another splendid hour of fun!  Don't you just love these two who were hanging around?  They were both pretty good at it too!

Baby came back with me after we had coffee and muffins at #3's house. She has been sleeping in the big girl bed when she has been here this week.  She is just so precious. 
We stopped to play at the playground after school. This last week of Summer has been so lovely. 

And the excitement of today is that Hubby's car is being rented to be used in the movie that they are filming next door. The best part is that there may be someone who is interested in buying it! Today has been a really really good day!

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